Welcome to Rangebourne Pet Care

DiggieHome of Diggie's Choice, our own brand of dog foods. We specialise in canine and feline nutrition and have been doing so since 1977.

We have a wealth of experience on all aspects of pet care, from were to find a good puppy or kitten, how to care, feed and train them right through to all aspects of nutritional needs and care.

We are experienced in all areas of training and problem dogs as well as cats.

If we don't have the answer we will know some one who does. We stock most popular brands of foods and accessories for most pets and what we don't have is no more than a day away just ask.


Opening Hours:

We open early so you have the opportunity to call in on your way to work:

Monday : 7.30 - 5:30
Tuesday: 7:30 - 5:30
Wednesday: 7:30 - 5:30
Thursday: 7:30 - 5:30
Friday: 7:30 - 5:30
Saturday: 8:00 - 5:30
Sunday: 10:00 - 3:00

Outside of shop hours there is always an answer phone phone on so leave a short message with phone number and we will call you back or place your order.




Latest News from Rangebourne Pets

 Google maps street view.

We are now on google maps street view where you can see immages of the  inside of the shop  and the stock we carry. 


 Facebook page

Please visit us on our facebook page to post photos of your beloved pets or ask any questions.  



Flea Clear

We are now stocking Flea Clear,which contains fipronil one of the most effective treatments available against flea and tick infestations. Available for cats and dogs at a very competitive price.

Van for Deliveries

Have you seen our van on the road? Don't forget we offer a free local delivery service ask for details.

Wild Bird Foods

Wild bird foods are selling really well this time of year. Customers are buying varied seeds and peanuts.

Bath R.S.P.C.A.

This time of year we collect dog and cat food for the R.S.P.C.A in bath. We will be quite happy to send it to them for you.

Sunday Opening

We are open from ten till three on a Sunday.

Diggies Choice

We are selling our own brand dog and cat food. It is a premium food but at a lower cost than many others. We manage to keep prices down by sticking to simple packaging and by not doing any expensive advertising. Please come in for a free sample.

Puppy 12kg £33.50     Adult 12kg £32.50     Senior/light 12kg £32.50

Puppy 7.5kg £20.75   Adult 7.5kg £19.75   Senior/light 7.5kg £19.75   

Puppy 2.5kg £7.90     Adult 2.5kg £6.99        Senior/light 2.5kg £6.99

Cat 2.5kg £8.40            Cat 7.5kg £19.50

Picture of Ferret, Rabbit, Cat, Frogs, Bird, Fish, Dog, Parrot, Dog, Hamster and Snake

Special Offers

We always have Special Offers on various product ranges and latest offers are listed here. Keep checking back to see what's available.

Special Offers

Iams 3kg cat £9.99

Burgess 2kg £4.49




Whiskas 12 pouch all varieties £2.50   

Felix 12 pouch all varieties £2.99

Felix as good as it looks 12 pouch £3.50

NEW felix as good as it looks doubly delicious 12 pouch £3.50

Gourmet gold 12 tins in a box 2 for £8

Whiskas 48 pouch box £10.25

Felix 44 pouch box £10.00  


Special Offers


Arden Grange all varieties 12kg £33.99

Supadog chicken 15kg £14.99

Selected 15kg Royal Canin £45.99




Naturediet all varieties 80p

Cesar 150g foils all varieties 80p each 7 for £4






Special Offers

A tub of 50 fat balls with nets £9.90

A box of 50 fat balls with no nets £7.99

20 kg wild bird seed £11.90

13kg sunflower hearts £22

22.5kg sunflower hearts £34.90

25kg sunflower hearts £39.60

25kg peanuts £38.00